Welcome to the Liquorice Festival – the worlds largest celebration of liquorice!

For the tenth year in a row Lakritsfestivalen, The Liquorice Festival, is held as the annual meeting place for liquorice lovers in Sweden. The number of visitors is constantly increasing with over 11 000 festival goers 2017, and this year is expected to record number of visitors.

It is the biggest liquorice party in the world!

At the Liquorice Festival you can discover new licorice favorites, participate in a variety of tastings at a special festival price, participate in contests and experience licorice inspired entertainment. This year you will find activities such as beer and licorice tasting, chocolate- and licorice testing. You also have the opportunity to cook licorice dishes, get licorice massage in the festival spa or why not book a table and enjoy our three-course menu with licorice.

Annexet, Ericsson Globe, Stockholm

Opening hours
Saturday April 14th, 9.00-18.00
Sunday April 15th, 10.00-17.00

Admission fee
Adults one-day ticket: 140 SEK (plus 20 SEK AXS service fee). Wardrobe fee is included. Children under 10 years – free entrance when accompanied by adults.

Tickets can be purchased at the entrance at the venue, but to avoid queues, buy your ticket in advance here: www.axs.com/se/series/5358/lakritsfestivalen-tickets?skin=stockholmlive

Find your way to us
A map of the venue area is found here. The Ericsson Globe arena is easily accessed by underground and bus. The nearest underground station is Globen. See www.sl.se for detailed info on public transport. Car parking is available in a garage under the neighbouring Tele2 Arena.

 Good to know

  • Stroller parking is available next to the coat closet.
  • Children under 10 – free entrance when accompanied by adults.
  • For wheelchair users, there are wide entrance aisles and a lift available in the arena.
  • The Ericsson Globe Annex has no ATM but there are several ATM’s in the Globen area, both in the square Arenatorget and in the nearby shopping mall.
  • The activities at the Liquorice Festival will be held in Swedish, however our stage program will partly be held in English.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to seek assistance at the helpdesk.

The history of the Liquorice Festival

The Liquorice Festival was first organized in 2009. Founder Tuija Räsänen had a wish to create an event around the flavor of liquorice. Her dream was to create a meeting-place where liquorice-lovers and the liquorice industry could meet and unite in their passion for the taste of liquorice. The first festival took place in a small basement at Kammakargatan in central Stockholm and during the last seven years it has grown to be the biggest Liquorice fest in world.

A year-round liquorice lover

The organizer of the liquorice festival, Tuija Räsänen also owns the Company Choklad & Lakrits that runs a chocolate- and liquorice shop online and at Fridhemsgatan 53, Stockholm. She is also the host of very popular liquorice tastings – both in her shop and at the festival.

 A warm welcome, we look forward to seeing you at the festival!